Martin Wheel K398A Kenda 410/350-6 Polar Trac Snow Thrower Tire for Lawn Mower

Martin Wheel Company-LG 356-2STT-I - Tubeless or tube type. Load capacity. The kenda polar Trac is the premier tread for snow blower use. This computer designed tread maximizes grip and provides a durable option for your snow blower in the winter months. 2 ply rating; 285lbs. Best replacement tire for snow blowers. Non-highway use only. Tire only; rim sold separately.

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Oregon 71-600 Innertube, 410/350-6

Blount International/Oregon 71-600 - Innertube. This innertube is 410/350-6 and has a bent valve. 410/350-6. Bent valve.

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Trans American 4.10/3.50-6 Inner Tube with TR87 Bent Metal Valve Stem

TAR - 410/350-6. Nsn 2610000519114. Premium 4. 10/3. 50-6 inner tube. Perfect for lawn/garden equipment, hand carts, snow blowers, scooters and other applications. Tr87 bent metal stem provides easy access on smaller wheels. Iso 9001 certified. Innertube. Bent valve.

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