Original Waiter Wallet Perforated Sheets

Waiter Wallet - Custom perforated For The Original Waiter Wallet Templates. Perforated and tailor-made for use with Waiter Wallet Templates. Thick 78lb. Inkjet and Laser Printer Compatible. Card stock, slides In Waiter Wallet Clear Pockets Easily. No scissors required. Note: templates are only available with any Waiter Wallet purchases on the Waiter Wallet website.

100 sheets/pack 400 templates. Simply print, easily tear and place invaluable information at your fingertips. Easy tear perforation, Quick And Easy To Use.

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Waiter Wallet Clear Pocket Insert | Add Cheat Sheet Windows to Our Server Book

Waiter Wallet COMINHKPR62739 - Discrete reference to cheat sheets that, unlike check presenter designed server books, is invisible to guest eyes. Free access to customizable templates that are fast and easy to create. Unlike check presenters and similarly designed server book organizers, the Waiter Wallet perfectly positions invaluable information at waiter and waitresses fingertips.

Now, with the waiter wallet clear pocket insert, waiters and waitresses can add two additional pockets to any Waiter Wallet! Know, sell and earn more with more by putting more informations at waiter and waitresses fingertips.

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