The Spider and the Fly: A Writer, a Murderer and a Story of Obsession

Dey Street Books - Reaching out after francois was arrested, compassion, rowe and the serial killer began a dizzying four-year conversation about cruelty, and control; an unusual and provocative relationship that would eventually lead her to the abyss, forcing her to clearly see herself and her own past—and why she was drawn to danger.

It is only fair, young reporter claudia rowe was working as a stringer for the new york times in poughkeepsie, a painfully polite twenty-seven-year-old community college student, isn’t it?"—Kendall FrancoisIn September 1998, when local police discovered the bodies of eight women stashed in the attic and basement of the small colonial home that Kendall Francois, New York, shared with his parents and sister.

Growing up amid the safe, bourgeois affluence of New York City, Rowe had always been secretly fascinated by the darkness, and soon became obsessed with the story and with Francois. Winner of the washington State Book Award for Memoir“Extraordinarily suspenseful and truly gut-wrenching. You want to go into the depths of my mind and into my past.

The Spider and the Fly: A Writer, a Murderer and a Story of Obsession - She was consumed with the desire to understand just how a man could abduct and strangle eight women—and how a family could live for two years, seemingly unaware, in a house with the victims’ rotting corpses. She also hoped to uncover what humanity, if any, a murderer could maintain in the wake of such monstrous evil.

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By Their Father's Hand: The Wesson Clan

HarperCollins e-books - But on march 12, gunshots were heard inside the Wesson home, 2004, and police officers responding to what they believed was a routine domestic disturbance were horrified by the senseless carnage they discovered when they entered. By their father's hand is a chilling true story of incest, and murder, madness, manipulative man—a cultist who envisioned vengeful gods and vampires, abuse, and one family's terrible and ultimately fatal ordeal at the hands of a powerful, and totally controlled those closest to him before their world came to a brutal and bloody halt.

Neighbors were unaware of what went on behind the tightly closed doors of a house in Fresno, his wife, California—the home of an imposing, children, 300-pound Marcus Wesson, nieces, and grandchildren.

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She Survived: Jane

Pinnacle - A survivor of the Golden State Killer’s True Story. Seconds later, as her three-year-old nestled by her side, Jane heard footsteps—and then saw an intruder wearing a black ski mask. Real Courage. When he pulled out of the garage, another man walked in unnoticed. Pure Terror. William Phelps. Jane sandler had just kissed her husband goodbye as he left for work that morning.

It is also the true story of jane’s battle and will to survive, of how she fought back and learned to share her unspeakable ordeal to empower others—even as the remorseless murderer and rapist, who came to be known as the Golden State Killer, went on to attack dozens more. He had a rope and a knife in his hands…   this is the harrowing account of Jane’s all-too real nightmare, told in her own words as part of a compelling narrative by award-winning, New York Times bestselling author M.

She Survived: Jane - Anything by Phelps is always an eye-opening experience. Suspense magazine   “Phelps is the Harlan Coben of real-life thrillers. Allison brennan   “An exceptional true crime writer. Kathryn Casey.

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The Michigan Murders: The True Story of the Ypsilanti Ripper’s Reign of Terror

Open Road Media -    . A year later, the body of twenty-year-old Joan Schell was found, similarly violated. All were female students. And in august 1970, the “ypsilanti ripper, found guilty, Collins, ” was arrested, and sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole. After multiple failed investigations, a chance sighting finally led to a suspect.

Edgar award finalist: the terrifying true story of savage murders, nineteen-year-old Mary Terese Fleszar was last seen alive walking home to her apartment in Ypsilanti, and the serial killer who could have lived next door  In 1967, a terrorized midwestern town, free love, during the time of peace, and hitchhiking, Michigan.

Written by the coauthor of the french Connection, The Michigan Murders delivers a harrowing depiction of the savage murders that tormented a small midwestern town. His female friends described him as aggressive and short tempered. Over the next two years, five more bodies were uncovered around Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, Michigan.

The Michigan Murders: The True Story of the Ypsilanti Ripper’s Reign of Terror - But collins wasn’t all that he seemed. All the victims were tortured and mutilated. On the surface, john norman collins was an all-American boy—a fraternity member studying elementary education at Eastern Michigan University. One month later, her naked body—stabbed over thirty times and missing both feet and a forearm—was discovered, partially buried, on an abandoned farm.

Southeastern michigan was terrorized by something it had never experienced before: a serial killer.

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A Death in White Bear Lake: The True Chronicle of an All-American Town

Open Road Media - She demanded to know the truth about her son’s death. A finalist for the edgar award, a death in white bear lake is “a distinguished entry in the annals of crime documentary, ” and a vivid portrait of the all-American town that harbored a sadistic killer The Washington Post. Harold and lois jurgens, churchgoing couple in picturesque White Bear Lake, a middle-class, Minnesota, had adopted Dennis and five other foster children.

Why did authorities dismiss evidence that marked dennis as an endangered child? could lois jurgens’s brother, why had so many people who’d witnessed Lois’s brutal treatment of her children stay silent for so long? Determined to find answers, a local police lieutenant, have interfered in the investigation? And most disturbing of all, local detectives and prosecutors rebuilt the case brick by brick, finally exposing the shocking truth behind a nightmare in suburbia.

A Death in White Bear Lake: The True Chronicle of an All-American Town - The immediate cause was peritonitis, writing “deferred” rather than indicate accident, but the coroner had never decided the mode of death, natural causes, or homicide. In 1962, dennis, jerry Sherwood gave up her newborn son, for adoption. Twenty years later, she set out to find him—only to discover he had died before his fourth birthday.

A mother’s search for the son she gave up uncovers terrifying secrets in a Minnesota town in this “masterfully depicted true-crime tale” Publishers Weekly. This he did even though the autopsy photos showed Dennis covered from head to toe in ugly bruises, his clenched fists and twisted facial expression suggesting he had died writhing in pain.

To all appearances, they were a normal midwestern family, but Jerry suspected that something sinister had happened in the Jurgens household.

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The Darkest Night: Two Sisters, a Brutal Murder, and the Loss of Innocence in a Small Town

St. Martin's True Crime - Two men politely offer them a ride home. One car ride. Eleven-year-old amy burridge rides with her eighteen-year-old sister, Becky, to the grocery store. But they were anything but Good Samaritans. The girls would suffer unspeakable crimes at the hands of these men before being thrown from a bridge into the North Platte River.

Neither could Becky, the surviving sister. When they finish their shopping, Becky's car gets a flat tire. One miraculously survived. The two men who violated her and Amy were sentenced to life in prison, but the demons of her past kept haunting Becky. Until she met her fate years later at the same bridge where she'd lost her sister.

The Darkest Night: Two Sisters, a Brutal Murder, and the Loss of Innocence in a Small Town - Two sisters. The other did not. Years later, rape, author and journalist ron franscell--who lived in Casper at the time of the crime, and was a friend to Amy and Becky--can't forget Wyoming's most shocking story of abduction, and murder. A monstrous fate. Casper, wyoming:1973.

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If I Can't Have You: Susan Powell, Her Mysterious Disappearance, and the Murder of Her Children

St. Martin's Press - Josh's father, who was sexually obsessed with Susan, Steve, would ultimately be convicted of unspeakable perversion. And in the most stunning event of them all, Josh Powell would murder his two little boys and kill himself with brutality beyond belief. Josh's brother, Michael, would commit suicide. When the pretty, blonde utah mother went missing in December of 2009 the media was swept up in the story – with lenses and microphones trained on Susan's husband, Josh.

The tragic story of susan powell and her murdered boys, Charlie and Braden, is the only case that rivals the Jon Benet Ramsey saga in the annals of true crime. In if i can't have you, bestselling author gregg olsen and co-author Rebecca Morris investigate one of the 21st Century's most puzzling disappearances and how it resulted in the murder of two children by their father.

If I Can't Have You: Susan Powell, Her Mysterious Disappearance, and the Murder of Her Children - Every once in a great while a genuine murder mystery unfolds before the eyes of the American public. He said he had no idea what happened to his young wife, and that he and the boys had been camping in the middle of a snowstorm. Over the next three years bombshell by bombshell, the story would reveal more shocking secrets.

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The Most Dangerous Animal of All: Searching for My Father . . . and Finding the Zodiac Killer

Harper - While combing through government records and news reports and tracking down relatives and friends, Stewart turns up a host of clues—including forensic evidence—that conclusively identify his father as the Zodiac Killer, one of the most notorious and elusive serial murderers in history. For decades, the Zodiac Killer has captivated America's imagination.

Mustafa and stewart construct a chilling psychological profile of Stewart's father: as a boy with disturbing fixations, a frustrated intellectual with pretensions to high culture, and an inappropriate suitor and then jilted lover unable to process his rage. The result is a singular work of true crime at its finest—a compelling, unbelievable true story told with the pacing of a page-turning novel—as well as a sensational and powerful memoir.

To this day, his ciphers have baffled detectives and amateur sleuths, and his identity remains one of the twentieth century's great unsolved mysteries. The most dangerous animal of All reveals the name of the Zodiac for the very first time. New york times bestsellersoon after his birthmother contacted him for the first time at the age of thirty-nine, adoptee Gary L.

The Most Dangerous Animal of All: Searching for My Father . . . and Finding the Zodiac Killer - Stewart decided to search for his biological father. At last, all the questions that have surrounded the case for almost fifty years are answered in this riveting narrative. His quest would lead him to a horrifying truth and force him to reconsider everything he thought he knew about himself and his world.

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Evil Eyes

Pinnacle - That empathy is evident in every true crime book he wrote. Suzy spencer   “Mitchell nailed the real story. City of houston mayor’s Office   “Mitchell is the leading voice of true crime. Dennis McDougal. Experts theorized that watts may have slain more than Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy.

. Corey mitchell empathized with crime victims in a unique and personal way. More victims than Bundy. In houston, texas, on a sunday morning in spring, Coral Eugene Watts trapped two young women in their apartment. Only hours before, he’d killed another woman by drowning her in her bathtub. As watts attempted to do the same to 20-year-old Lori Lister, her roommate made a daring escape, leading to Watts’s arrest.

Evil Eyes - Through the untiring efforts of investigators and the mother of one of his victims, Watts was finally convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison, where he remained the prime suspect in dozens of other slayings. Combined! bestselling author corey mitchell takes us inside the twisted mind of “The Sunday Morning Slasher” and tells the chilling story of how he almost got away with murder.

Watts confessed to thirteen murders, but with no direct evidence, he managed to plea bargain his sentence down to 60 years for burglary.

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WildBlue Press - The investigation into his murder played out during one of the most dramatic years in America. He had been beaten and strangled. Rebecca morris is the new york times bestselling author of if i can’t Have You – Susan Powell, Her Mysterious Disappearance and the Murder of Her Children, A Killing in Amish Country, Ted and Ann, and other books.

Police and the district Attorney thought that they knew who had murdered the boy but never made an arrest. On a fall evening in corvallis, 17-year-old Dick Kitchel, a senior at the high school, Oregon in 1967, disappeared after attending a party. But in 1967-68, viet nam, a presidential campaign, the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr.

A MURDER IN MY HOMETOWN - Life in corvallis, had offered a protective, a college town, idyllic life to many. Decades later, a cold case detective believed he, too, had solved the case. Now nearly 50 years later, a classmate, new york Times bestselling author Rebecca Morris returns to her hometown to write about how the murder changed the town and the lives Dick Kitchel’s friends.

His friends thought his death was ignored because Dick was from the wrong side of the tracks. And robert kennedy, and the murder of Dick Kitchel changed that. However, once again, justice was elusive. Ten days later, his body was spotted by two children as it floated down the Willamette River.

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Blind Faith

Berkley - The sordid, #1 new york times bestselling true crime story of adultery, gambling debt, addiction, and murder in a privileged suburban town—from author and journalist Joe McGinniss. Sympathy poured in—until disquieting facts began to surface…and the true story of adultery, gambling, drugs and murder tore the mask off Rob Marshall and the blinders off the town that thought he could do no wrong.

The marshalls were the model family of Tom’s River, New Jersey, living the American dream and seemingly in possession of all that money could buy. Rob marshall, was the big breadwinner, a successful insurance broker, king of the country club set. Maria marshall was his stunningly beautiful wife and the perfect mom to their three great kids.

Blind Faith - Then one night while the couple drove home from Atlantic City, his head bloodied, Rob, reported Maria had been brutally slain.

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