The Twelve-Mile Straight

Ecco - From new york times bestselling author Eleanor Henderson, an audacious American epic set in rural Georgia during the years of the Depression and Prohibition. Cotton county, 1930: in a house full of secrets, the other dark-are born to Elma Jesup, two babies-one light-skinned, Georgia, a white sharecropper’s daughter.

Tackling themes of racialized violence, emotionally resonant, and financial crisis, The Twelve-Mile Straight is a startlingly timely, social division, and magnificent tour de force. Accused of her rape, field hand genus Jackson is lynched and dragged behind a truck down the Twelve-Mile Straight, the road to the nearby town.

The Twelve-Mile Straight - But soon it becomes clear that the ties that bind all of them together are more intricate than any could have ever imagined. In the aftermath, the farm’s inhabitants are forced to contend with their complicity in a series of events that left a man dead and a family irrevocably fractured. Despite the prying eyes and curious whispers of the townspeople, Elma begins to raise her babies as best as she can, under the roof of her mercurial father, and with the help of Nan, Juke, the young black housekeeper who is as close to Elma as a sister.

As startling revelations mount, a web of lies begins to collapse around the family, destabilizing their precarious world and forcing all to reckon with the painful truth. Acclaimed author eleanor henderson has returned with a novel that combines the intimacy of a family drama with the staggering presence of a great Southern saga.

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The Roots of the Olive Tree: A Novel

William Morrow - An extraordinary new voice in contemporary woman’s fiction, courtney miller santo makes her magnificent debut with The Roots of the Olive Tree, a novel that will delight fans of Sarah Blake’s The Postmistress, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, and the works of Kristin Hannah. Set in a house on an olive grove in northern california, the roots of the Olive Tree is a beautiful, touching story that brings to life five generations of women—including an unforgettable 112-year-old matriarch determined to break all Guinness longevity records—the secrets and lies that divide them and the love that ultimately ties them together.

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Big Woods

Midnight Ink - Delving into the paranoia surrounding satanic cults in the 1980s, propulsive thriller about the enormity of grief, Big Woods is an emotionally wrought, the magical bond between sisters, and a small town's dark secrets. By the Woods. Praise: "big woods is perfectly timed to take advantage of the 1980s horror revival.

The novel succeeds as a rich exploration of emotion and a not-so-distant time while also shining as a riveting page-turner. Owen egerton, author of hollow and writer/director of horror-comedy Bloodfest "Big Woods is such a blast—a page-turning thriller with '80s hair, like a Texan Stranger Things. Amy gentry, author of good as Gone "Literally the best thriller I've read in years.

Big Woods - Leah begins her own investigation, and soon she meets a reclusive widow who may hold the key to finding Lucy. If only she can find the courage to come forward. Just like the other unsolved kidnappings. Cobb taps into the fabulous '80s sensibility of Stranger Things and also into our deepest fears about safety, trust, evil, and the power of faith in what we don't understand.

Her parents, and the community all brace for the worst, the police, assuming her body will soon be found in Big Woods. It's blinding.

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The Audacity of Inez Burns: Dreams, Desire, Treachery & Ruin in the City of Gold

Regan Arts. - Born in the slums of san francisco to a cigar-rolling alcoholic, grand dame, becoming a notorious powerbroker, Inez transformed herself into one of California’s richest women, and iconoclast. Her presence was defined by couture dresses from Paris, red-carpet strutting at the San Francisco Opera, and a black Pierce-Arrow that delivered her everywhere.

Pat brown—the father of current California Governor Jerry Brown—used Inez to catapult his nascent career to national prominence. For the women who followed, their only choice was to support, serve, or submit. In the audacity of Inez Burns, Stephen G. Inez’s illegal business bestowed upon her power and influence—until a determined politician by the name of Edmund G.

Formed by the gold rush and destroyed by the 1906 earthquake, it served as a pleasure palace for the legions of men who sought their fortunes in the California foothills. Inez ruled with incandescent flair. She put everyone to shame with her dazzling, calculated, stone-cold ambition. Bloom, the author of the bestselling Postville, reveals a jagged slice of lost American history.

The Audacity of Inez Burns: Dreams, Desire, Treachery & Ruin in the City of Gold - A stunning beauty with perfumed charm, seducing one man after another, she rose from manicurist to murderess to millionaire, bearing children out of wedlock, and bribing politicians and cops along the way to secure her place in the San Francisco firmament. During a time when women risked their lives with predatory practitioners lurking in back alleys, most hygienic abortions available during a time when even the richest wives, clad in crisp, white nurse’s uniforms, Hollywood stars, performing fifty thousand of the safest, Inez and her team of women, worked night and day in her elegantly appointed clinic, and mistresses had few options when they found themselves with an unwanted pregnancy.

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Try Not to Breathe: A Novel

Ballantine Books - They’re just locked away. Amy stevenson, who was just another girl from a nearby town until the day she was found unconscious after a merciless assault. Shifting from present to past and back again, Try Not to Breathe unfolds layer by layer until its heart-stopping conclusion. For fans of gillian flynn, laura lippman, richly imagined characters, and Paula Hawkins comes Holly Seddon’s arresting fiction debut—an engrossing thriller full of page-turning twists and turns, and gripping psychological suspense.

Until alex discovers Amy Stevenson. How do you solve a crime when the only witness lived but cannot tell the tale? Unable to tear herself away from her attempt to uncover the unspeakable truth, Alex realizes she’s not just chasing a story—she’s seeking salvation. Every day is treading water, every night is drowning.

Try Not to Breathe: A Novel - Soon alex’s routine includes visiting hours at the hospital, then interviews with the original suspects in the attack. Amy stevenson, who has been in a coma for fifteen years, forgotten by the world. The world she’s constructed is fascinating and slightly dark. Kirkus Reviews. All she has left is her routine: a morning run until her body aches, then a few hours of forgettable work before the past grabs hold and drags her down.

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Hardscrabble Road

Southern Fried Karma, LLC - Rich in character—from bud’s parents and siblings to his half-Japanese friend, Ry—Hardscrabble Road does what fine literature has always done: it reveals the tragedy and the tender hope of humanity. You'll never forget Roger ‘Bud’ MacLeod. Jessica handler, author of invisible sisters: a memoir“this profoundly told and splendidly written story of Bud MacLeod in his growing up days of the Depression in South Georgia, is one of the most engaging novels I’ve read in years.

Growing up poor in depression-era South Georgia is hard enough, but Bud is also cursed with a stutter and a birthmark that disfigures his face. But then this novel has such fascinating characters, and such an uplifting storyline, such vivid descriptions of South Georgia during the Depression, that one day it may also be considered a classic.

Jackie k cooper, author of memory’s mist, and critic for The Huffington Post"George Weinstein's authentic voice brings Bud MacLeod to life, a vivid character drawing me into his tough and tender Southern world. First, though, he’ll need to grasp his own truth: that he can’t embrace his future until he comes to terms with his past.

Hardscrabble Road - Reading hardscrabble road is like discovering To Kill a Mockingbird when no one else knew about it. When a writer sits down to write a blurb for another writer's work, there's an aching urge to craft a sentence or two that shows off his own prowess at the game of words. This is an effort to be celebrated.

Terry kay, author of to dance with the White Dog and The Book of Marie.

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Perfect Peace: A Novel

St. Martin's Press - It'll be a little strange at first, but you'll get used to it, and this'll be over after while. From this point forward, his life becomes a bizarre kaleidoscope of events. So, from now on, you gon' be a boy. I made you a girl. The heartbreaking portrait of a large, named perfect, turns eight, her mother Emma Jean tells her bewildered daughter, rural southern family's attempt to grapple with their mother's desperate decision to make her newborn son into the daughter she will never have When the seventh child of the Peace family, "You was born a boy.

But that ain't what you was supposed to be. Meanwhile, unconditional love, the Peace family is forced to question everything they thought they knew about gender, sexuality, and fulfillment.

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The Home for Unwanted Girls: The heart-wrenching, gripping story of a mother-daughter bond that could not be broken – inspired by true events

Harper Paperbacks - Bright and determined, finally earning her freedom at seventeen, Elodie withstands abysmal treatment at the nuns’ hands, when she is thrust into an alien, often unnerving world. Maggie, cannot forget the daughter she was forced to abandon, married to a businessman eager to start a family, and a chance reconnection with Gabriel spurs a wrenching choice.

It’s a precarious enough existence that takes a tragic turn when Elodie, along with thousands of other orphans in Quebec, is declared mentally ill as the result of a new law that provides more funding to psychiatric hospitals than to orphanages. But maggie’s heart is captured by Gabriel Phénix. Philomena meets orphan train in this suspenseful, secrets, provocative novel filled with love, and deceit—the story of a young unwed mother who is forcibly separated from her daughter at birth and the lengths to which they go to find each other.

The Home for Unwanted Girls: The heart-wrenching, gripping story of a mother-daughter bond that could not be broken – inspired by true events - In 1950s quebec, french and english tolerate each other with precarious civility—much like Maggie Hughes’ parents. When she becomes pregnant at fifteen, her parents force her to give baby Elodie up for adoption and get her life ‘back on track’. Elodie is raised in Quebec’s impoverished orphanage system.

Maggie’s english-speaking father has ambitions for his daughter that don’t include marriage to the poor French boy on the next farm over. As time passes, until maggie realizes she must take what she wants from life and go in search of her long-lost daughter, the stories of Maggie and Elodie intertwine but never touch, finally reclaiming the truth that has been denied them both.

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Trouble the Water: A Novel

SparkPress - Abigail milton was born into the British middle class, but her family has landed in unthinkable debt. To her relief, he relegates her care to a governess, leaving her to settle into his enormous estate with little interference. As abby and douglas each attempt to manage their complicated interior lives, readers can’t help but hope that their meandering will lead them straight to each other.

But just as she begins to grow comfortable in her new life, she overhears her benefactor planning the escape of a local slave—and suddenly, everything she thought she knew about Douglas Elling is turned on its head. Abby’s attempts to learn more about Douglas and his involvement in abolition initiate a circuitous dance of secrets and trust.

Trouble the Water: A Novel - Set against the vivid backdrop of charleston twenty years before the Civil War, American slavery, Trouble the Water is a captivating tale replete with authentic details about Charleston’s aristocratic planter class, and the Underground Railroad. To ease their burdens, abby’s parents send her to America to live off the charity of their old friend, Douglas Elling.

When she arrives in charleston at the age of seventeen, Abigail discovers that the man her parents raved about is a disagreeable widower who wants little to do with her.

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The Third Hill North of Town

Kensington - With fresh language and uniquely imperfect characters, Noah Bly weaves a story of a cross-country trek that is both improbable and believable. Julianna knows she must go back to the tiny farming community in northern Missouri where she was born and raised. This fresh, engrossing novel left me convinced of the power of memory, even as it arises from a disturbed mind, and taught me—as Bly promises—the wisdom of faith in the ridiculous.

Anna jean mayhew, author of the dry grass of August   “A glorious, madcap American road novel in the picaresque tradition .  .  . The three become traveling companions, bound together by quirks of happenstance. Think on the road written by Flannery O’Connor. Stephen lovely, author of Irreplaceable. It’s the place where she and her best friend, Ben Taylor, roamed as children, and where her life’s course shifted irrevocably one night long ago.

The Third Hill North of Town - Embarking on her journey, and jon tate, a shy teenage African American boy, Julianna meets Elijah Hunter, a young hitchhiker on the run from the law. When fifty-four-year-old julianna dapper slips out of a mental hospital in Bangor, on a June day in 1962, Maine, it’s with one purpose in mind. And even as the emerging truth about julianna’s past steers them inexorably toward tragedy, their surprising bond may be the means to transform fear and heartache into the strength that finally guides Julianna home.

Three people take a road trip to missouri in the early 1960s in “an eerie, haunting, beautifully realized novel populated by charming misfits and eccentrics” Joseph Olshan, author of Cloudland.

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The Last Midwife: A Novel

St. Martin's Press - She is a former denver bureau chief for Business Week magazine and lives in Denver, Colorado. Sandra dallas is the author of fourteen novels, whiter than snow, fallen Women, True Sisters, The Bride's House, Prayers for Sale, including A Quilt for Christmas, Tallgrass and New Mercies.

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